Considering my last SOTA activation in 11m was well recieved, I decided to activate another peak in the Carpathian Mountains; this time it’s the Omu peak, code YO/MC-006 in the SOTA watchlist, 2508m high, rated 10 points, KN25RK locator. The “Omu” peak (transl. = “The Man”) is the highest point in the Bucegi Massif and the 11th in the country, at the very top there is a 7 meter tall rock with a hut built right next to it and nearby is the Omu Weather Station, the highest permanently inhabited point in Romania.


I will use the same K-PO DX 5000 transciever with 15W output in SSB, a quad loop antenna and a 12V/7.2Ah rechargable batery wich should provide about 4 hours of continuous operation. Main frequency will be 27,515 MHz, secondary 27,655 MHz (both USB), and the callsign will be 233RC/MC06. I will be up in the montains from the 17th until the 22nd of July, but this activation will take place most probably on 19 or 20 around 9:00 – 14:00 UTC; also I will try to activate another peak if possible, as well as be active in the evenings under 233RC103/QRP.