Over-the-horizon radar operating in 27MHz

OTH radars are strategic military equipments that basically allow the operator to “see” beyond the horizon trough the means of ionospheric reflexion that allows HF signals to propagate all over the globe. Regular radars use signals in the GHz regions (better for detection of smaller objects) and are only good for direct visibility, that is why sometimes OTH radars were replaced by more expensive “flying radars” more commonly known as AWACS, but as the Cold War has ended armies are folding back to the cheaper technology and the OTH radard operating in HF are spotted more and more oftenly by amateurs. More details on the OTH Wikipedia page, if you are courious.

Such a signal could be recieved today in Bucharest between 27.480500 MHz and 27.499500 MHz at a S9 level, with a type of pattern I haven’t seen before.  Feel free to check out the video and to see how it looks on my SDR transciever.


One Response to Over-the-horizon radar operating in 27MHz

  1. Rick says:

    These OTHR signals are regularly detected on the 27mhz band and cause great interference problems and they are not authorised to operate in the 3-30 mhz range but since they’re military operated it is unimaginable to have the power to force them to comply….

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