Eltek Flatpack 1800 – 48Volt 1800W PSU

I’m starting off the EB104 project for a 600W HF amplifier, and this is the first thing needed: a strong power supply.

Eltek is an industrial PSU manufacturer and the Flatpack 1800 is specifically designed to work in telecommunication equipment. It is basically a switching power supply with all sorts of current and voltage protections wich can be controlled via an additional port by a separate Monitoring & Control Unit, and can do current sharing, soft-start and other interesting functions.


It is rackable and has a 10-LED current display on the front, uses two noisy fans and can work without any problem between 85V and 275V input. Maximum power of 1800W can be achieved though over 185V AC input.



Nominal output voltage is 48V, where it can offer 37.5A; this voltage is adjustable though to about 58V, but the maximum current will drop accordingly to keep the limit at 1800W.


And as I’m sure some of you wonder what’s inside, here’s a quick sneak-peak. Mighty impressive, I would say:



So, this will be used to power the EB104 amplifier wich should draw around 21A at 50V for an output of 600W in HF. Until the rest of the parts will be here, i can only hope it will do the job properly, but by the looks and specs it should be way more than it’s needed. And by the way, here’s the short Eltek spec sheet:

Eltek Flatpack 1800


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