Kenwood TS-50

I just got this yesterday after letting the Magnum 357DX go, and I must tell you it’s a heck of a tool. Obviously it’s not new as they don’t make it since 10 years ago, but these things live forever if you don’t do something completely dumb with them.

So, in short it works from 30Khz to 30Mhz, puts out 100W dead even though the finals (2x 2SC2879)are spec’ed up to 200W and it’s mobile but has a feature list worthy of a fixed transciever. What else it would need … maybe a DSP module for reception, an aftermarket one can be added for about 100 Euros if you’re handy with the soldering gun.

Kenwood ts50

I will definetely post more opinions about this radio in the following period, I don’t want to fill the pages with subjective first-look impressions right away.


2 Responses to Kenwood TS-50

  1. Dan says:

    Good luck with the rig! C ya on 11m band and also on the ham radio frequencies! 73 de YO3IBW/233SD116 Dan

  2. Ham Radio says:

    Ham Radio…

    […]Kenwood TS-50 « DX in 27Mhz – 233RC103[…]…

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