First DX contacts

So the last 2-3 days we had some good opening in the 27Mhz band, during the day the band was full of russian (i think) stations wich were NOT DX-ing, but during the evening I had the pleasure to contact stations from Italy (div. 1), Sweden (div. 21), Poland (div. 161), France (div. 14), UK (div. 26), Netherlands (div. 19) and Germany (div. 13).

Also, I could hear 3 different stations from Sao Paolo, Brazil (div. 3), but i couldn’t get trough to them. I think the angle of radiation of the 5/8 is not good enough for such long distance contacts.

All in all, I was getting very good reports and usually the problem was me not being able to recieve clearly enough the other stations, wich tells me the antenna is working OK.


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